Diablo 3 PVP Released In New Patch

The long awaited PVP feature in Diablo 3 has finally been launched, well at least part of it has… They are calling the new pvp feature “brawling”. How this works is you will have to speak to Nek the Brawler who is located in the hub of each act and then will transport you and your party to a zone in which you can brawl it out.

There will be an option of 4 zones while brawling: the church, river, the lake and the graveyard. You will be able to fight your friends either one on one or have a full 4 person free for all. You may only brawl with 3 other players at a time and will not lose any gear durability. All the softy classes will receive a 30% damage reduction and monks and barbarians will receive an additional 5% damage reduction from their already 30% given.

Players who wish to brawl in hardcore mode will not lose their players when they lose the battle or die. “Death is not permanent” is what the patch notes listed. Once the battle is over you will transported back to town where you will continue on your journey.

Although there are no rewards for brawling, players can still battle each other to see who is better when it comes down to 1 on 1 match. I believe that pvp will have many changes very quickly as they begin to sort out the over powered techniques and combos for classes and will make changes until they feel the battles are fair.